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Lesser used features in Infigo

December 2023

For our final Academy webinar of 2023, we'll take a slightly different approach.

Infigo is a vast software, containing many smaller features which don't get the attention they deserve. We want to dedicate our webinar section this month to some of those lesser known features, which might give your site that extra edge you've been looking for.

Take a look below at a selection of some of these lesser known features within Infigo, chosen from all corners of our software. Sign up to the webinar today to learn more about them!

  • Discounts
  • Blogs
  • Message Queue
  • Address Books
  • Saving time with Infigo

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Infigo Insights Reporting Tools

November 2023

Next up in our Academy webinar series is the topic of Infigo Insights.

Infigo Insights is our comprehensive reporting module designed to cater to the reporting needs of your business.

This module offers a scalable, flexible, and future-ready reporting platform. It operates through an independent reporting database that is separate from your live transactional database, ensuring optimal performance and minimal disruption to live storefront operations.

Infigo Insights is available in four different plans, ranging from the entry-level "Insights Standard" to the advanced "Insights Enterprise," each offering varying levels of access, customization, and reporting capabilities.

In this webinar, we will take a look at Infigo Insights, including:

  • What is Infigo Insights?
  • Our available Infigo Insights plans
  • An introduction to using Infigo Insights
  • What information can I get from Infigo Insights?

An Introduction to Pricing Scripts

October 2023

Pricing scripts are versatile tools used to customize and control product pricing. They allow users to define pricing based on various attributes and attribute combinations, providing the flexibility to adapt pricing to specific business needs. Whilst custom pricing scripts can be created for niche scenarios, the Infigo provided Generic Pricing Script can be used for the vast majority of cases.

Our "Introduction to Pricing Scripts" webinar will primarily focus on the Infigo provided Generic Pricing Script.

Understanding Access Permissions

September 2023

We continue our series of Infigo Academy webinars on the topic of Access Permissions.

Access Permissions are a powerful piece of functionality allowing you to control access to products based on the logged in user.

Control access to products based on location, department, customer or role. Products themselves can be grouped by category, tag, product group and more!

In this 1-hour webinar, we will show you the capabilities of this powerful functionality, including:

  • What are Access Permissions?
  • When are Access Permissions used?
  • Access Permissions terminology
  • Creating effective Access Permission rules
  • Rule groups
  • Stock Management and limiting order quantity
  • Troubleshooting your rules

Making the most of Content Templates

August 2023

We continue our series of Infigo Academy webinars on the topic of Content Templates.

Introduced last year, Content Templates enable the creation of beautiful storefront content without having to tackle the specialised topic of HTML coding. These features are specifically designed to make storefront creation accessible to Infigo users from a range of different backgrounds.

In this 1-hour webinar, we will show you the capabilities of this game-changing functionality, including:

  • What are Content Templates?
  • Where can Content Templates be used?
  • Configuration menus and capabilities
  • Custom styling in Content Templates
  • Creating and formatting your main content
  • An introduction to Custom Content Template creation

An Introduction to Infigo Invent for InDesign

July 2023

In this series, we'll be showing you how to get the very best of your Infigo software.

First up, An Introduction to Infigo Invent for InDesign. This is our ground-breaking plugin for Adobe InDesign, allowing you to create dynamic product templates without leaving your favoured design package.

In this 1-hour webinar we will cover the fundamentals of Invent, including:

  • What is Invent and how does it fit in with my Infigo platform?
  • What an Invent product template looks like on your Infigo storefront
  • Downloading and installing Invent
  • Adding assets and resources to your Invent files
  • Creating your forms
  • Adding logic to your templates
  • Getting your templates from Invent to MegaEdit
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Q&A